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Countries That Speak Spanish: Panama

At ACR Spanish Translations, I am passionate about the Spanish language and I know that a language is only as alive as the cultures in which it is used and evolves. That’s why I will be profiling Spanish-speaking countries in this blog series: so you can get to know all of the amazing places this… Continue reading Countries That Speak Spanish: Panama

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Translation and the Importance of Localization in Marketing

Localization is one of those profession-specific terms that is used by translators and marketers alike. It refers to the process of adapting a product or content of media to the preferences, expectations and culture of a particular locale. And it’s very important, especially to our field. It isn't enough to simply translate something word for… Continue reading Translation and the Importance of Localization in Marketing

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Spanish and Latin American Hand Gestures

As translators and especially interpreters know, not all language is verbal. And while it may not be true that 93% of language is non-verbal as past researchers suggest, non-verbal cues, gestures and tones still account for a lot of nuance when it comes to interpreting communications and messages between people. As a Spanish-language interpreter and… Continue reading Spanish and Latin American Hand Gestures

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Spanish Word of the Month: Ojalá

Sometimes the sound of a word makes it beautiful; other times, its meaning makes it stand out. Whether you love the Spanish language for its flavours or you love it for its richness and depth, there are words that abound for all of us to savour. Like any language, Spanish has regional particularities and a… Continue reading Spanish Word of the Month: Ojalá

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Are There “Untranslatable” Words in Spanish?

Languages are deeply rooted in the cultures from which they come and are even synonymous with them. Like cultures, languages are fluid and evolve through the people that use them and according to the circumstances in which they are found. A translator’s job is much more than exchanging some words for others: they are responsible… Continue reading Are There “Untranslatable” Words in Spanish?