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A translator is a professional who converts the written word from one language to another. ACR Translations involve converting concepts in the source language to those in the target language while relaying the meaning, style, tone, and intent of the original document. The goal of ACR Translations is to create seamless transitions between languages – to have people read our translations as if they were the original text.

Translation Possibilities

  • Investment
  • Tourism
  • Economics
  • Manuals
  • Instructions for the use of medication
  • Legal: Contracts, Incorporation, Wills, Personal Documents
  • Records of Studies
  • Packages for products
  • Brochures for Agricultural products, Police Services, etc.

An interpreter converts spoken language statements from one language to another. Interpreting involves listening to, understanding and memorizing content in the original ‘source’ language, then reproducing statements, questions and speeches in a different ‘target’ language. Interpretation can be consecutive or simultaneous. In both cases, the goal is to make communication as smooth as possible, to the point that the people or groups may no longer even notice the facilitation by the language professional.

Interpretation Possibilities

  • Government
  • Courts
  • Immigration and Refugee Board
  • Legal and Insurance
  • Registries

Translation and interpretation require important skills in order to provide quality services, including note-taking, writing, and other strong communication skills. These skills can be applied towards other client needs and we are happy to oblige.

Other Services

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Research

All service fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Contact ACR Translations today.