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Proofreading Tips for (Spanish) Translators

When it comes to translation, conveying the message accurately in a target language is only half the battle. In my last blog on what makes a great translation experience for ACR Spanish Translations, I talked about what sets great translations apart from the rest and one of those things is quality proofreading. Believe it or not,… Continue reading Proofreading Tips for (Spanish) Translators

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What Makes a Great Translation Experience?

The work of translation is highly skilled and requires a lot of training and knowledge to do well. The world is full of translations that are just OK, some that are great and a whole bunch that are bad. The last category tends to be the product of unscrutinised machine translations that haven’t seen the… Continue reading What Makes a Great Translation Experience?

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Countries That Speak Spanish: Panama

At ACR Spanish Translations, I am passionate about the Spanish language and I know that a language is only as alive as the cultures in which it is used and evolves. That’s why I will be profiling Spanish-speaking countries in this blog series: so you can get to know all of the amazing places this… Continue reading Countries That Speak Spanish: Panama

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Word of the Month: FRIOLENTO (Latin America) – Friolero (Spain)

Sometimes the sound of a word makes it beautiful; other times, its meaning makes it stand out. Whether you love the Spanish language for its flavours or you love it for its richness and depth, there are words that abound for all of us to savour. Like any language, Spanish has regional particularities and a… Continue reading Word of the Month: FRIOLENTO (Latin America) – Friolero (Spain)

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Translation and the Importance of Localization in Marketing

Localization is one of those profession-specific terms that is used by translators and marketers alike. It refers to the process of adapting a product or content of media to the preferences, expectations and culture of a particular locale. And it’s very important, especially to our field. It isn't enough to simply translate something word for… Continue reading Translation and the Importance of Localization in Marketing